Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Flatts Fest Volunteers Needed

Exciting news from Rascal Flatts Fam ....  We are taking request for volunteers at 23 of Rascal Flatts shows for some pretty exciting opportunities to be a part of the Flatts Fest! 

It is gonna be an AMAZING tour for Rascal Flatts fans! Not only for the music but the activities and YOUR involvement ~ This is your chance to be part of Flatts Fest! I am so pumped up and ready for this tour and I know you are too! The volunteers will be chosen randomly and approved by management.

Those of you that are wanting to volunteer for Flatts Fest send us your request please email NC Flatt Dog Pound or one of the other team leaders listed on the fam, you can find a list of the leaders at Rascal Flatts Flatt Dog Pound ~ we need your Name (first and last) ~ address (city, state) ~ Cell # ~ E-Mail ~ the show you want to volunteer for (city, state) We need 10 people per show and the entry deadline is April 30, 2011 so send your information in today!!  :)

Flatts Fest is coming to a town near you! 
Get ready for Summer Nights with Rascal Flatts!!

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