Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Jay and Allison DeMarcus reveal baby's name

Country Weekly reports that Jay and Allison have announced the name of their little girl expected in January. Their little bundle of joy will be named Madeline Leigh with Maddy being the name she is know by.

According to Country Weekly Jay has told them, "Leigh is Ally's middle name and we finally settled on a [first] name that we both liked together," and he is more than ready for the birth of his first child. Jay states "This is a part of my life I've wanted for some time and just had to wait a little longer to get there." and "I'm really excited and can't wait to kiss [her] face off,"

We will be watching and waiting for more from Jay and Allison as the expected arrival date of their little girl gets closer.

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  1. Yay i'm so excited and i love that name it is so adorable!! Congrats to both of them. :) Leigh is my sisters middle name. Madeline DeMarcus... how cute!