Sunday, July 21, 2013

Who's on Instagram?

Are you on Instagram? If so be sure to follow ....

Jay DeMarcus @ DemarcusFlatt and Joe Don Rooney @ JoeDonRooney

Allison DeMarcus @ mrsalikatz and Tiffany Fallon @ tiffallon

Also you will find members of Rascal Flatts Band ...

  • @ TravisToy 
  • @ ChankDat
  • @JimRileyMusic
(Please note that the account listed as @ RascalFlatts is a fan run site, NOT an official account for the Group)

You can also follow me @ RascalFlatts_NC for pics of the band, lyrics (like the pic below) and contest!!

If you have not signed up for Instagram do so today, it's easy and who doesn't love to look at pics of their favorite bands?!