Monday, May 30, 2011


Have you noticed that ever since Rascal Flatts put out the Unstoppable album and even more so after the Olympics featured the song; the word UNSTOPPABLE has become more prevalent in advertising.  It seems that everything is UNSTOPPABLE now from cars, watches, movies, shoes to the people that use these products.  Also, when the ad is in print the word UNSTOPPABLE is almost always in either a different color, font or both. I really find this very interesting, has Rascal Flatts along with their Olympic ties had an impact on media advertising by popularizing a word that has such a powerful meaning?  Has UNSTOPPABLE been out there, used this frequently and I just never notice it before? Quite honestly when I hear the word UNSTOPPABLE I automatically think Rascal Flatts and it grabs my attention, is that a coincidence or premeditated by advertiser?  I have to admit, I looked around some before posting this and I did find there was use of the word UNSTOPPABLE in advertising prior to the album release but it just seems that I hear or see it more now.

Ok this may just be my imagination but regardless, I do seem to perk up when I hear the word UNSTOPPABLE I guess I am hoping that I will see or hear Rascal Flatts along with the phrase.  

Well, this is just my observation and I thought I would share with anyone that may possibly have had the same thought.