Thursday, October 7, 2010

Rascal Flatts is Kicking some .... you know!

I gotta tell you I was kinda worried as I started checking numbers on the Billboard Eventful 2010 Fans' Choice Award for Best Tour of the Year.  There were big numbers at the beginning of the list for people that were not country then when I hit the country bands WOW low numbers!

Then I said a prayer and clicked on Rascal Flatts page only to be blown away by the number! OMG was it gonna be small, I was worried I mean, the likes of Brad Paisley and Carrie Underwood were just in the very very very LOW 1000s so what could I expect from my Flatts. YOU know I am hoping that they are at least in the ball park with the other high number bands but I was wrong! They were out of the park a grand-slam home run!!!

OK I know you want to know the numbers and I am not going to post everyone right now only the one I care about, LOL RF of course and the next closest band.

Metalica of all bands (LOL Yes I like some of their music too) is the closest to any of the bands in this battle they have 58,787 favorites right now but that can not even compare to Rascal Flatts ......drum roll please 116,843 favorites!!! OMG check that out people a 58,056 lead almost DOUBLE what the closest band has!!....Great work so far everyone but this competition continues until November 1 so don't think it is in the bag; please keep encouraging your friends to demand Rascal Flatts!!!!


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