Saturday, September 11, 2010

Never Forget

Like so many I will never forget where I was when I heard the news on September 11, 2001.  I sat at my desk with the radio on in disbelief and shock at what was happening. When the report of the first plane was issued like so many others I thought it was a terrible air catastrophe and prayers began immediately. Then the next plane and then another and another.  My disbelief, my shock soon turned to fear. The questions started running through my mind as my fear of what could happen next begin to surface. Is this only the beginning? Will there be more cities randomly hit by our own aircraft? Who is doing this, who is attacking my country?  WHY?  I don't understand why would someone do this? This was a cowardly act, attacking innocent civilians who were sacrificed for what? What evil force was behind this? Please, make it stop!

Next my thoughts turned closer to home. The are military bases in North Carolina and I have family at Pope Air Force Base in Fort Bragg. Would they be attacked as well?  My mind reassures me that they must be on alert by this time. They are elite, they are equipped and trained, they will be ok. I believed that to be true, no matter what happened next.

Then I saw the images...the devastation, the people. My heart broke. The innocent lives that were being lost before my very eyes. Numb from shock I sat and stared at the TV not wanting to believe what was happening. Tears .... all I could do was watch as the tears ran down my face.

Out of no where, the shock broke long enough for me to thank God for my family. They were safe. I felt selfish but couldn't help it.

I spent the next several days watching the footage, over and over wondering how this could have happened.  Listening for the report that more survivors had been found. Praying for families I didn't know and for God to bless the souls of those that had been lost.  I thanked God for every life that had been spared, I kissed my kids more and told people that I loved them. We all plan for the future, thinking I'll do that tomorrow, but this horrendous day instilled in me, you are not guaranteed a breath beyond the one you just took so be sure to let the ones around you know what they mean to you. 

I want to close by saying, I will never forget that day. My prayers go out to the many families that lost loved ones. The children that will never know a parent, the husbands and wives that said their last goodbye that morning,  the moms, dads, brothers and sisters that saw lives cut short.  And the best friends who lost confidants and childhood friends, you are remembered too.

I will never forget your loss that September morning....your country will never forget.

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